Modafinil Students

Who uses Modafinil?

Modafinil gained popularity among students, who use it during long study sessions to remain focused and improve retention because of the cognition enhancing effects of Modafinil. By now more scientific research has been done about Modafinil and many articles have been published in newspapers like the article in The Guardian, or the article in VICE. Due to this publicity it has been picked up by a diverse group of people ranging from managers, investment bankers, air traffic controllers to students and also… gamers. In principle everyone who could use a boost in concentration and focus will benefit from Modafinil. Besides this, our customer base also includes people using Modafinil for the treatment of ADHD. For some people with ADHD, Modafinil either appears to have better results or fewer side effects compared to Ritalin, which is the standard medication for ADHD. On an interesting side note, since 2012 Modafinil has been approved to be used by pilots in the US Air Force and at this moment it is even being used by astronauts on the International Space Station to function optimally during instances of lack of sleep.