Is Modafinil safe?

The title of the article in The Guardian is: “Narcolepsy medication Modafinil is world’s first safe ‘smart drug'”. As an important source for this conclusion, a scientific review article written by scientists at Harvard and Oxford university has been cited. This review article combined information from 24 different research papers, reporting that Modafinil has many positive effects when used by healthy individuals, like improved focus, learning and memory. About safety the authors mention the following: “Modafinil seems to be the first ‘smart drug’ that is reasonably safe for healthy people”.

Based on all these medical studies Modafinil has been approved in over 20 countries (including the US and the Netherlands) and has been in use for over 23 years. The US is important in this context, since sale of a drug requires approval from the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), which has very strict quality control and regulations. It is important to know that these strict regulations also apply to international pharmaceutical companies that wish to export to the US. All products we sell on our web shop come from SunPharma which has this FDA seal of approval. The FDA also assesses the risk of overdose. In clinical trials, intentional overdosing (up to 4500mg per day, or 22 times the standard dose) did not result in any life-threatening effects.

It is, however, important to mention that certain groups of individuals should not consume Modafinil, individuals who: 1. Are below 18 years of age. 2. Have high blood pressure or cardiac arrhythmia. 3. Are pregnant or lactating. 4. Suffer from psychotic or manic disorders, anxiety, or bipolar disorder. 5. Suffer from insomnia. If you are not suffering from one of the conditions listed above then Modafinil is completely safe for regular consumption.

Modafinil Safety
Modafinil Side Effects

What are the side effects?

Modafinil is a drug and just like any other drug will have side effects. Several clinical trials were needed to obtain the ‘FDA approved’ status and because of these clinical trials, a lot is known about the side effects, even the very rare ones. Most clinical trials report these side effects as being mild.

The most common side effect is a slight headache ( > 1 in 10 users) at the end of the day of usage, followed by dry mouth, reduced appetite, slight increased heart rate and difficulties falling asleep. Side effects that are less common ( > 1 in 100 users) are gastrointestinal complaints like nausea or constipation, anxiety, dizziness and palpitations. Side effects do disappear after a few hours.

In very exceptional cases an allergic reaction can occur in the form of a rash and/or an itch on the whole body. In case this happens it is necessary to stop using Modafinil and consult a doctor. Here at ModafinilSupply we believe it is vital to provide a balanced view of our products. Hence, we refer to multiple scientific studies as well as articles published in respected journals and newspapers. We encourage you to read further by following these links. More information can also be found at our Frequently Asked Questions page.