How To Buy Bitcoin

The only method of payment we offer is with cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin. A lot of our customers are new to cryptocurrencies and have never used it before as a method of payment. This guide is to explain how to buy bitcoin using bank transfer or credit card. Since we only ship to countries within Europe, this guide is meant for customers living in Europe.

A site to buy bitcoin is called an exchange. There are many exchanges and the most famous being Coinbase, Kraken and Binance. Although these can be used if you already have an account, our advice is not to, because of the extreme high transaction costs (0.5 milliBTC, which is around 25 euro).

Our recommended exchange is, a cheap and trustworthy exchange based in Estonia and operating under European laws. Below we explain how to register, get verified and buy bitcoin with bank transfer or credit card.

Bitcoin Payment


  1. Go to
  2. After making an account, open the link on your smartphone to start the verification process.
  3. For the Profile Verification two steps are needed:
    A. ID Verification: Upload a passport, ID card or driver’s license.
    B. Scan of your face to verify that you are the person on the ID (made with the selfie camera on your smartphone).
  4. After the verification process has succeeded, you need to deposit money to your account in order to buy bitcoin. Go to the CoinMetro Dashboard. Under the tab “Deposit” select Credit Card or SEPA Bank transfer. Credit card is faster, but 3% is charged extra. Bank transfer only costs 1 euro extra. Make sure you select SEPA and not SWIFT.
  5. For the amount, put the amount needed for your order + 3 euro for the transaction costs. If you want to pay with credit card, add 3% to this amount. Make sure that the credit card or bank card used is on the same name as the account. Follow the instructions for the payment.
  6. When the deposited amount has reached your CoinMetro account, you can finally buy bitcoin! Go back to the CoinMetro Dashboard. At the right side of the screen you see the field shown below:
  7. Select the currency you deposited in the bottom right corner and enter the full amount available next to it. The amount in BTC will then be filled in in the left top field. Click on “view summary” and follow the instructions to buy bitcoin.
  8. You now have bitcoin on your CoinMetro account. The last step is to transfer the bitcoin to the wallet belonging to your order. Go back to the to the CoinMetro Dashboard and click on “Withdraw”. In the field “select an asset to withdraw” select BTC. For the exact amount and bitcoin wallet address, go back to our shop to place the order you want. A new bitcoin wallet address is given and the exact amount in bitcoin. Copy/paste both fields to CoinMetro to finish the withdrawal. An email is sent to verify your withdrawal.
  9. Congratulations! The bitcoin are now underway to our wallet. Since this bitcoin wallet address is for your order only, as soon as the bitcoin reach our wallet, our payment system will detect it as your order. This can take an hour. When we receive it, you will receive a “payment confirmation” email. In case you have not received any emails from us please also check your promotions/spam-folder.

This first time is of course quite the hassle because of the verification steps, but if you would like to order from us again, the process would be a lot simpler.

Will CoinMetro or the government know that I buy Modafinil?

Absolutely not. Every order you place on our site gets a unique bitcoin wallet address. Only we know which order belongs to what bitcoin address, no one else. CoinMetro only sees that you buy bitcoin and send it over to a certain address, not who the address belongs to.

How long does the transfer of funds to CoinMetro take?

A SEPA bank transfer is either instant or takes one business day. Credit card is instant, but has 3% additional costs on top of the amount. In any case, make sure that the cardholder’s name matches the account name. Prepaid cards are not accepted. More info to be found on CoinMetro’s Getting Started page.